Instructor Clyde Steele


Environmental Control 

Clyde was a Navy Radioman during the WWII period and also attended electronics school in 1946. Clyde started with North American in 1951, working on the B25 bomber, and later two models of the F86 fighter. He also worked with the Training Department, instructing on the electrical system in the F 86. Later (in 1957), Clyde wrote an Electronic Assemblers Handbook for the Autonetics Division, and implemented a soldering certification program there, as well.

Following his tour of duty at the Autonetics Division, Clyde joined the Rocketdyne Division to become a Field Representative on the Thor missile engine. His first assignment was at the Douglas Company Thor Missile School as an engineering representative in charge of the Rocketdyne Field Unit. Later in 1959, Clyde was assigned to the Vandenburg AFB in California, as the Engineer in Charge of the of the Atlas Missile Air Force Training program. In the early years of 1960, Clyde was the Representative in charge of the Rocketdyne Atlas Support Group for Air Force training there,and was also responsible for the GSE installed at the base....

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In 1962 Clyde returned to the Rocketdyne home office in Van Nuys, California, to assist in the development of the Apollo J2 engine training program. Later he supported the Space Division Apollo training program, to conduct classes on the J2 engine and related Ground Support Equipment.

Then in 1963, Clyde transferred to the Space Division and joined the Apollo training team. He was assigned to prepare and present training material and courses on the Environmental Control & Telecommunications Systems for the NASA Astronauts, Flight Controllers, & Launch personnel. These courses were also presented to the customer & company engineering and administrative personnel. During this time, he also participated in the training program to instruct on Common Usage GSE used to check out the Apollo Command & Service Modules and the Lunar Excursion Module. These courses were primarily presented to Grumman Aircraft personnel at Bethpage, NY.

Clyde has retired and remained in Southern California.