To accomplish this our team overcame many obstacles to get the job done and were the recipients of many awards and recognition for our performance. However, all recognition, including kudos and awards for the success of our efforts are shared with all who supported  us in this task, for without them... it would not have been possible.


John Winton

Lead Instructor/webmaster

With the assistance of many engineering, support and administrative functions within our company, the NASA, the military, and many educational and associate contractor organizations, our guys functioned to develop a systems approach to training, enabling us to prepare and present an accelerated training program as space systems were being designed and developed. It was a TOTAL team effort !


                                              Fifty Years Later Looking Back 


Most of the people honored in this site for their contributions in placing the first man on the moon realize now how fortunate we were as Americans during the decades of the nineteen sixties and seventies in living in a country undivided because of political or many other differences seemingly today to be tearing away at  threads that bind us as a Democracy and a nation.

Perhaps our site will stand as an example, like Neil's footprint, of what we can do as country when undivided and working together in a society to create and innovate for the benefit of all mankind.


Clearly, there are sacrifices to be made in any worthwhile achievement, even at the family level when extra burdens are placed on marriages while one parent may be absent for periods of time to move about the country as required to share his or her expertise with others working in the industry. Our training team members having families flew thousands of miles to different locations across country in the process of sharing our technical knowledge.

In view of these sacrifices made by those wives and mothers who often found themselves playing both parental roles during our travels, we recognize them as major contributors to the success of this program .

Carolyn  1933-1991