Program Overview

Beginning in 1961 the following training technics, methods, and aids were introduced to the NASA Training Program by Apollo Logistics Training:

1. Use of the overhead projector & transparencies

2. Use of video tapes and film clips

3. Closed circuit television courses

4. Team teaching

5. Programmed Instruction

6. Written testing procedures and evaluation

It should be noted that the F.A.A. requested that they be permitted to use Apollo Training's testing procedures and evaluation in their program. Permission was given of course.

7. Actual hardware used in demonstrations

8."Dry Run" (practice) presentations

Note: Apollo Training introduced the "dry run" to the entire Apollo program. Others gradually adopted it until it became a common practice.

Hugh W. McNeese , Supervisor 

Apollo Logistics Training Department

The same Apollo Engineering Instructors provided the training programs to each group of students. This resulted in total continuity of spacecraft systems information being presented throughout the program. The instructor engineers were among the most knowledgeable personnel on the Apollo Spacecraft systems functions and operation. Their ability to communicate this knowledge to others was second to none. As part of their preparation for subsequent flights, they monitored each flight from launch, Mission Control Operations, and the actual flights through splashdown and recovery via audio and closed circuit television.

The differences between each spacecraft system, system operations and procedures were tabulated and presented to those personnel assigned to that particular flight.