The following is a list of instructor personnel that were assigned to the training team. These individuals were carefully selected from  aerospace field engineering  personnel having special technical expertise, instructional skills, and experience in product support training.






Don Bennett

Walter Benefield

Donald Brady

Robert Burkette

James Busse

Charles Chapman

Al Epstein

William Estes

Donald Everette

Dale Frasier

Frank Franz

William Gadberry

Thoral Gilland

William Green

Berkley Grover

Sidney Jiminez

Ruel Jones

Robert Krasne
Walter Lowe

Freeman Matthews

Al Payne

William Ruffin

Robert Sechrist

Dr. N.H. Schaper

Ronald Shaw

Alfred Sohler

Clyde Steele

Gary Steinbeck

Leonard Urbaniak

Willard Waddell

James Weisinger

Lyle Wright

John Winton

Contractor/Instructor Representatives:

(Incomplete list)

Carrol Corwin (Collins Radio)

Craig Mott (Honeywell )

Frank Mussato (Honeywell)

Paul Olson (Air Research)

The group was disbanded in the mid seventies as the program came to a close. Many of these personnel moved into new assignments to support the Space Shuttle program while others relocated to other companies or retired. Unfortunately, some are deceased at this late date. This list will recognize or memorialize instructor personnel for their contributions to the Apollo program.