Instructor Awards & Commendations

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Astronauts General Tom Stafford, John Young, & Gordon Cooper

Present 1000 Hour Instruction Awards to John Winton & Freeman Matthews

Astronaut Walter 'Wally" Schirra, Jr.  presents Willard Waddell with a the 1000 Hour Instruction Award

Astronaut Frank Borman presents the 1000 hour Instruction Award to Al Sohler and Don Bennet

One of the most prestigeous awards during the Apollo program was the Astronaut Personal Achievement Award.This award, symbolized by the "Snoopy" lapel pin, was given to individuals recognized by the Astronauts as having demonstrated outstanding performance.

An Apollo Astronaut presented the award.

approximately six times actual size

Astronaut Dick Gordon presents Don Bennet with the "Snoopy Award

Astronaut Al Worden presents John Winton with the Snoopy award

Astronaut  Al Worden presents Gary Steinbeck with the Snoopy award

  The NASA ,our Company and Subcontractors recognized the value of motivation.

 Therefore,  our team was not without the recognition needed to do our best  to provide quality and task oriented instruction, especially  in view of program time constraints associated with hardware development and acceleraded training requirements during the Space Race to the Moon.

note: the following letter was intended to commend our total  training team effort

"It's just not possible to get to know the systems too well. These briefings have been a tremendous help. I consider them basic for mission preparation."

............ astronaut David Scott, CSM pilot, Apollo IX