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This website is dedicated to our children and our grandchildren, and all those of  men and women everywhere who came together as a team of Americans to meet the challenge of space travel, and to demonstrate success by transporting man thousands of miles into space, landing him on the surface of  the moon, and returning him safely to earth. This was our national goal, as declared by President John F. Kennedy, and vowing that our total team  would accomplish this within a decade.

The Team

The Apollo Customer Training and Support  Documentation Department  of  North American Rockwell  were participants in this effort, small as we were, but very proud indeed to have played a part in this great  achievement.    

With the assistance of many engineering, support and administrative functions within our company, the NASA,  the military, and many educational and associate contractor organizations, our guys functioned to develop a systems approach to training, enabling us to prepare and present an accelerated  training program as space systems were being designed and developed.

  Engineering Instructors from many Aerospace organizations came together to form our group, and to participate with the total Apollo program  team in the  "space race to the moon" of the 1960's.  Our instructor-engineers worked initially from only design specifications and mission objectives to prepare and present  spacecraft   subsystems courses and Apollo mission familiarization briefings for a wide and diverse student population.

To accomplish this our team overcame many obstacles to get the job done, and were the recipients of many awards and recognition for our performance. However, all recognition, including kudos and awards for the success of our  efforts are shared with all who supported  us in this task, for without them... it would not have been possible.


H W McNeese

Manager & Supervisor

John L Winton

 Lead Instructor

 Electronic Systems

William O Ruffin



Gary L Steinbeck


PCM  Data

Len P Urbaniak



 Alfred H Sohler

Guidance &


Don P Bennet Stabilization

& Control

Willard A Waddell Sequential Systems

Clyde O Steele Environmental Contro

Thoral E Gilland Sequential Systems

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